The traditional treatment of solid and malignant tumors entails three modalities: surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. Although great strides have been made in the treatment of tumor-based cancers too often success is measured not in the eradication of the disease but rather in the remission or slowing down of the spread of the cancer. In addition, secondary occurrence of the cancer is generally the expectation in more virulent forms of cancer, and as such any recurrence is frequently more aggressive and harder to treat than the initial appearance. The reasons for this can be multi-fold. Though some of the mechanisms that lead to the secondary appearance of cancer are known to us, such as cellular etiology, genetic complexity, and a variety of environmental and personal lifestyle issues, there is still much that remains to be discovered. Subsequently, although the traditional approaches to treatment can be very effective, the goal of finding cures that are permanent is still the target that physicians are aiming for.

At Cognos, we are offering a fourth modality that provides delivery of patient-customized tumor-specific cancer therapeutics directly to a disease site to allow for the maximum efficacy of the treatment to occur.