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About Cognos

Who we are

Cognos Therapeutics, Inc. is a medical technology company focused on creating advanced implantable pump devices for neurological and oncological indications. Our goal is to develop devices that adjust the course of therapeutics for the treatment and mitigation of disease models where current technology does not provide an effective solution. Cognos was formed in 2015 in connection with a spin-out transaction by Pharmaco-Kinesis Corporation, a private company that developed a platform technology for implantable metronomic pumps.

Committed to driving innovation

Our flagship product, the SINNAIS™ Implantable Smart Pump, is the result of over a decade and a half of research and development in the field of implantable drug delivery pumps. SINNAIS™ represents a platform designed for the future, incorporating microelectronics, communication capabilities, and embedded programmable parameters in its architecture.

Leading the convergence of science, data and technology

At Cognos Therapeutics, our mission is to develop and commercialize medical products that combine diagnostic, therapeutic, and sensing technologies with state-of-the-art drug delivery to advance healthcare through improved patient outcomes.