World’s first implantable device for the metronomic delivery of therapeutics for neuropathic disease mitigation.

Targeted Delivery

Unprecedented targeted delivery of advanced chemotherapeutics for persistent glioma treatment.

SMART Diagnostic Monitoring

24/7 intelligent diagnostic sampling of treatment efficacy allows rapid adjustment of therapeutics through secure remote WiFi access from anywhere in the world.

Cognos Therapeutics

Cognos Therapeutics Inc. (Cognos) is an advanced medical device company focused on creating unique technologies to radically advance the diagnosis and treatment of neuropathic diseases including tumor-based brain and spinal cancers, degenerative cognition disorders (such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease), cerebral trauma occurrences (such as epilepsy and stroke) as well as other Central Nervous System afflictions.

Who We Are

  • U.S. Medical Device Company
  • Focus on advancing diagnostic and treatment alternatives for neuropathic disease.
  • Over 15 years of research and development expertise
  • Patented technologies and peer-reviewed publications
  • Exceptional management and leadership team
  • Recognized engineering, scientific and medical advisory, and technical teams
  • Developers of the Sinnais implantable pump technology


Brain cancer remains one of the debilitating CNS diseases facing medical providers today. Specifically, high-grade, tumor-based cancers such as Glioblastomas and Anaplastic Astrocytomas pose significant challenges to effective treatment. Inoperable positioning, interconnectivity to healthy tissues, resistance to radiation, and the brain’s natural barrier to chemotherapeutics all make this form of cancer one of the most challenging, and deadly diseases to deal with.

Cognos’ initial focus with the Sinnais implantable pump technology is in providing physicians with a revolutionary method in which to monitor and effectively treat tumor-based brain cancer.

New Adult Diagnosis

Children to be Diagnosed



Avg. 5-year Survival Rate

* Statistics are based on U.S. population studies provided by the American Cancer Society and the American Brain Tumor Association. The survival rate is only a median average. Actual rate varies specifically to tumor type and age.

Sinnais: A Targeted Solution To Brain Cancer

The Sinnais is a standalone, implantable medical device, made with biocompatible and MRI-compatible materials, designed to deliver therapeutic drugs locally and metronomically to a desired area. The first version of the Sinnais will be customized to treat patients affected by leptomeningeal carcinomatosis (LC). LC is a rare complication of cancer in which LC-carrying gliomas metastasize to the membranes surrounding the brain and spinal cord. LC is extremely difficult to treat effectively and if left untreated the median survival is only 4-6 weeks. Unfortunately even when treated with current regimens, the median survival is only 2-3 months. The main three barriers to effective treatment remain:

  1. LC Gliomas are often very difficult if not impossible to be surgically removed due to size and positioning in the brain.
  2. The use of systemic or targeted radiation is inefficient in treating LC due to the potential peripheral damage to surrounding healthy tissue and the probability of the tumor having already metastasized to surrounding areas.
  3. Introduction of IV-based chemotherapeutics cannot effectively penetrate the blood-brain barrier, the network of blood vessels that allows the entry of essential nutrients while blocking all other substances from entering the cerebral matter.

The ability to deliver patient- and tumor-specific targeted chemotherapeutics in microliter resolutions at precisely scheduled intervals based on patients’ personal responses to the therapy and tolerance to the drug dose (biofeedback) directly to a tumor site, represents an evolutionary step forward in the treatment of not only LC but potentially all tumor-based cancers.

Sinnais Differentiators

  • A fully MRI and biocompatible implantable device.
  • Metronomic delivery of single or multiple tumor- and patient-specific chemotherapeutic directly to a disease site.
  • Adjustable micro-litre delivery of therapeutics based on patient’s reaction and tolerance.
  • Proprietary biosensor technology allows physicians to monitor treatment at a site-specific geo-radius.
  • Adjustment and monitoring of the device can be done through high-level encrypted wireless network connectivity from anywhere in the world.
  • POC and significant pre-commercialization protocols have been completed.

Nocturne Acquisition Engages Chardan As Capital Markets Advisor for Cognos Acquisition

Nocturne Acquisition Corporation has engaged Charden Capital Markets LLC to act as the global markets advisor as it moves forward with its acquisition of Cognos Therapeutics as it moves forward towards putting the company on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange.

Nocturne Acquisition Files S-4 In Advance Of Cognos’ NASDAQ Listing

Nocturne Acquisition Corporation announces filing of S-4 statement with the SEC in advance of its intent to move Cognos into a publicly listed company on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange.

Cognos Therapeutics, Inc. To Be Publicly Listed On Nasdaq

Cognos Therapeutics, Inc. announced a definitive business combination agreement with Nocturne Acquisition Corporation to allow it to be publicly listed on Nasdaq.

Labroot’s Report Focuses on the Need To Develop Better Methods To Deliver Therapeutics to the Brain

Labroot article highlights the ongoing need to develop more effective methods to deliver therapeutics, especially to the brain.

Cognos Co-Founder and CIO Josh Shachar Discusses The Evolution of the Cognos Vision

Josh Shachar shares his vision for the impact Cognos Therapeutics’ technology will have in the current exploding junction between innovation and communication.

Cognos Engages Maxim Group for Investment Banking and Financial Advisory Services

Cognos Therapeutics has signed a Letter of Engagement to retain Maxim Group LLC to provide financial advisory and investment banking services.

Cognos Announces Addition of New Clean Room To Expand Its Development Capabilites.

Cognos’ new cleanroom expands its ability to bring prototype development of its next-gen implantable pump technology in-house.

Dr. Susan Alpert, MD, PhD, Joins Cognos Therapeutics as Lead Regulatory Consultant

Dr. Susan Alpert, MD, PhD, has been named, Lead Regulatory Consultant for Cognos Therapeutics, Inc. Dr. Alpert is considered one of the top U.S. regulatory experts.

Cognos’ SINNAIS Smart Implantable Pump to Improve CAR T Cell Efficacy in Solid tumors

Cognos Therapeutics believes its SINNAIS implantable pump can increase efficacy of CAR T therapies for the treatment of leukemia.

Cognos Therapeutics plans to conduct a twenty-patient human clinical trial using direct delivery of Herceptin (a Genentech drug) to prove drug safety in the brain region.

Cognos Therapeutics plans to conduct a 20-patient human clinical trial for direct delivery of Herceptin using the Sinnais implantable pump.


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