JULY, 2017

Cognos Therapeutics plans to conduct a twenty-patient human clinical trial using direct delivery of Herceptin (a Genentech drug) to prove drug safety in the brain region.

Cognos Therapeutics (Cognos Thx) plans to use Herceptin, a Genentech drug, to be used as a companion drug with its smart implantable pump Sinnais for treatment of patients with Leptomeningeal Carcinomatosis (LC) cancer.

As precursor to receiving FDA clearance to use Herceptin in conjunction with Sinnais, first Cognos Thx will conduct a twenty-patients human clinical trial to prove Herceptin is safe for delivery in the brain region. Previous clinical data supports that Herceptin is an effective drug in patients with brain cancer. However, under the current method of delivery due to the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB) phenomenon, the drug will not reach brain region effectively and loses efficacy as it reaches the target tumor in the brain. Cognos Thx’s Sinniais will enable the surgeon to deliver Herceptin locally using low dose metronomic delivery while the surgeon will receive real-time biofeedback during the treatment period.

Upon completion of study, Cognos Thx plans to share the data with Genentech with the objective of Genentech and Cognos Thx to form a strategic collaborative partnership to jointly introduce a combination product to market to provide patients with an alternative cure modality (see Cognos Fourth Modality).