Ovarian Cancer Clinical Advisory Board

The members of the Cognos Therapeutics, Inc. (Cognos) Ovarian Cancer Clinical Advisory Board were brought together because of their expertise and profound insights into the pathology, the treatment and the remediation of one of the top cancer risks facing women today; ovarian cancer. In the U.S. alone it is anticipated that ovarian cancer will claim the lives of over 15,000 woman in 2017,

Cognos is dedicated to being a key player in providing effective new diagnostic and disease remediation tools in the battle against this pervasive killer. The Cognos Ovarian Cancer Clinical Advisory Board provides advice from a clinical point of view about the design, context and content of Cognos’ ongoing research and product development. In addition the Ovarian Cancer Clinical Advisory Board advises Cognos on project proposals as it relates to internal and external funding efforts by the company. Finaly the Ovarian Cancer Clinical Advisory Board informs Cognos about relevant new clinical insights and developments.

Hani Gabra, MD, PhD, FRCP

Hani Gabra, MD, PhD, FRCP


Dr. Gabra is a professor and Head of Medical Oncology at the Imperial College in London. In addition he is Director of the Ovarian Cancer Action Research Centre and Deputy Head of the Division of Cancer with current research interests in tumor-suppressor biology and cancer multiplatform molecular profiling and integrative OMICS.