“Continuous Surveillance” – The Fourth Modality

The current treatment of solid and malignant tumors entails three modalities: surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. The Sinnais implantable pump technology was created to provide a fourth modality in the arsenal of the oncologists to allow them to directly attack tumor-based cancers by targeting the malignancy at the source. The main idea behind Sinnais is nested in the concept of “continuous surveillance.”  The operational meaning of continuous surveillance is employed and embedded in the design and architecture of Sinnais’ electronics, sensory output, and performance.

Sinnais was designed and built to accommodate four functional elements:

  1. Metronomic delivery of cytotoxic substances
  2. The combined therapy of chemo and biological response modifiers (immunotherapy)
  3. Tailoring of cytotoxic and immunotherapeutic doses to meet the optimal tolerated dose (OTD), as opposed to the maximal tolerated dose (MTD) via diffusion model
  4. Continuous surveillance through sensory output

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