Co-Founder and CIO Josh Shachar Discusses the Evolution of the Cognos Vision

Co-Founder and CTO Josh Shachar

In a recent presentation to the Cognos Shareholders, Josh Shachar, the Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer for Cognos Therapeutics presented a compelling vision for the evolution of the Cognos vision.


As the company nears completion of its first commercial use application product candidate, the SINNAISTM Implantable pump, and is preparing for regulatory submission to begin its next phase of commercialization, Mr. Shachar shared his observations on how the current explosion in technology, data sharing, and cloud connectivity is creating exponential growth in advancement similar to both the Cambrian Era’s impact on new species development and the explosion of innovation that occurred in the late 20th century as witnessed by the growth in patent applications. From this, he shared how Cognos will be playing a role in this exponential advancement with its technology. In his presentation, Mr. Shachar showed how the SINNAISTM Pump is just a first step in creating a new generation of artificial organ support technology that could help revolutionize patient care in providing smart, real-time, implantable, bio-feedback capable therapeutic delivery systems that could provide a level of critical organ support 24/7 to the patient and be monitored and maintained by their medical team remotely from anywhere in the world.

In the presentation, Mr. Shachar states “Even though this achievement [the current move to commercialization of SINNAISTM¬†will substantiate all we have worked for to this point, it is but a stepping stone to even greater possibilities and achievement our company can reach.” The vision Mr. Shachar presented is far-reaching, but as he states, is the natural next step in the Cognos’ vision for creating a better solution for patient care through smart delivery.