Cognos Announces Addition of New Clean Room To Expand Its Development Capabilities

Cognos Therapeutics announced today the addition of an ISO-7 Clean Room to their existing Los Angeles laboratory facility (WATCH THE OVERVIEW VIDEO NOW). The clean provides an ability to filter the interior air to a level of fewer than 10,000 particles per cubic foot through its advanced Hepa Filtration system. This quality will provide an environment that will allow the Cognos engineers the ability to begin component manufacture and testing of its next-generation pump design for its implantable drug delivery system. The cleanroom further expands the lab’s ability to bring more of its research and development processes in-house thereby eliminating many of the current supply chain problems and time issues associated with third-party outsourcing.

In addition to the capabilities the cleanroom provides, the Cognos lab is also able to do a whole host of testing and manufacture including 3D printing, laser welding, metal fabrication, and prototype assembly. Software testing, flow studies and monitoring remotely its current clinical animal trials.

CEO Frank Adell

“We are very excited about the addition of the cleanroom to our lab.” stated CEO Frank Adell, “This will enable us to greatly accelerate our commercialization timeline and next-generation product development.”